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Welcome to the website of Primary Tuition Services.

If you are looking for a maths or English tutor for your primary aged child  then look no further. 

Whether your child is finding either of these important core subjects difficult, or just needs a confidence boost in these areas, then your child will benefit from a personalised, structured and fun approach to learning.

If on the other hand your child is doing well at school and you are wondering whether they could gain entry to Grammar school, then tuition can be offered and practice focused on the areas needed to succeed in the 11 plus exam.    

How it Works

Pupils are taught either in the tutor's home or theirs depending on what suits both parties. Lessons are usually one hour long and a variety of approaches and resources are used to maintain the child's concentration and interest. From the first lesson it is usually possible to judge whether a child needs lots of changes of activity or very few.

The first few sessions are spent building up a profile of the child's strengths and weaknesses and ways of working. The tutor is then able to specifically target the help they need which enables them to build confidence in the subject.

At the end of each lesson 5 minutes are allowed to provide feedback to parents about the child's learning needs and what they have done that session as well as any follow up work that could be done at home.  

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